Padres pitcher and Seattle native Blake Snell to raise 12th Man Flag

In a rare moment when Thanksgiving festivities shift their focus from football to baseball, San Diego Padres’ standout pitcher, and Seattle native, Blake Snell, will take center stage by raising the iconic 12th Man Flag in the south end zone during the Seattle Seahawks’ Thursday Night Football showdown.

image showing Padres pitcher and Seattle native Blake Snell to raise 12th Man Flag

Having recently concluded his second Cy Young-caliber season, Snell emerged as a beacon of success for the struggling Padres in 2023. With a remarkable 14-9 record in his starts and an MLB-best 2.25 ERA, Snell demonstrated his pitching prowess and secured a Cy Young in both the American League and the National League.

As the former Shorewood High School Stormray standout, Snell’s presence at the Seahawks’ game is sure to spark speculation among fans about his future in baseball. Currently a free agent, the possibility of Snell joining the Mariners cannot be ignored. While the Mariners may not be actively seeking starting pitching depth, the prospect of bringing Snell back to his hometown of Seattle could play a pivotal role in rebuilding the strained relationship between the organization and its disappointed fan base.

Should a surprise announcement of Snell’s signing with the Mariners occur before the game, the roar from the 12th Man is guaranteed to be thunderous, reflecting the excitement and anticipation surrounding this potential homecoming.