Changes in Subjects for Lahore Students from 2024-26

featured image of Changes in Subjects for Lahore Students from 2024-26

Starting from the year 2024-26, students in matric will only have to focus on one subject called Pakistan Studies. For those in ninth grade, they will only study Islamic Studies. This means they will have fewer subjects to worry about.

But that’s not all! The marks for these subjects will increase from 50 to 100 each. So, these subjects will be more important in the school curriculum. BISE Lahore wants students to really understand and know about Pakistan’s history and culture, and these subjects will help with that.

The books that students use in school will also change. The Punjab Textbook Board will be making new books to match the new things students will be learning. This way, students will have the right information to study and learn from.

For those getting ready for exams, the matric exams in Punjab for the year 2024 will start on March 1st. So, students have some time to prepare for these exams under the new rules.

These changes by BISE Lahore are a big deal and show that they want to make sure students have a good education and learn important things about their country.

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