Cherries on the Rise: Tavernier Believes Team Can Achieve Great Success in Premier League

Marcus Tavernier believes Cherries can achieve great success in the Premier League as they start to grasp the demands of Andoni Iraola’s tactical system.

Image Showing Cherries on the Rise: Tavernier Believes Team Can Achieve Great Success in Premier League

The winger scored two goals, marking his first goals of the season, in Cherries’ 3-1 weekend victory over Sheffield United. Justin Kluivert also secured his first league goal of the season in the same match.

After requiring 10 matches to secure a league win, Cherries have now accumulated nine points in their last four games. This has widened the gap to seven points between them and the relegation spots.

Tavernier believes that the improvement in form comes from the playing staff finally understanding Iraola’s tactics. The Basque boss took over in the summer, replacing Gary O’Neil.

The 24-year-old informed the Daily Echo, “I feel like now you can see that we’re truly implementing what the manager has been saying. Before, it was mainly on us players, not executing the specific things he asked for.”

“We’ve focused a lot on that in our training sessions, and you can now witness the results in the actual games and what we’re able to produce.”

“At the beginning of the season, we were aware that we weren’t up to par, and we weren’t playing the way we desired.”

“Now, we’re beginning to do that, and we’re demonstrating to everyone what we are capable of in this league.”

“I think we can go to a really good place.

“Now, we’re demonstrating that we can put the ball back in the net. Previously, we weren’t creating many chances, and I think we were relying on Dom a bit too much.”

“But now, you can observe that the goals are being distributed more evenly, and we’re performing better in the final third. However, we can still improve, and hopefully, we can demonstrate that to you guys in the future.”

Discussing the Sheffield United game, Tavernier added, “I feel like we pushed ourselves out there. In a way, I believe we performed well in every aspect of the game.”

“The defense and midfielders were outstanding. They set the tone early on, allowing us forward players the freedom to be creative in the final third. That’s all we can ask for.”

“That’s exactly what we did. We generated numerous chances. While we could be a bit critical, saying we didn’t score enough, overall, we can be satisfied with the performance.”