NBA in-season tournament 2023-24 knockout round bracket’ dates’ more

The next few weeks of the season will be all about the in-season tournament

The NBA in-season tournament is about to get spicy.

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On Tuesday, eight teams, four from each conference, closed out group play and earned spots in the upcoming knockout rounds.

After a few more days of regular-season action, the knockout rounds will kick off in early December. Once the quarterfinals start, the surviving teams will play straight in-season tournament games until a winner is crowned.

Here’s what to know about the 2023-24 NBA in-season tournament knockout rounds.

Which teams will face off in the quarterfinals of the NBA in-season tournament?

Eight teams earned spots in the NBA in-season tournament quarterfinals, with four coming from each conference. Here’s a breakdown, conference by conference.

Eastern Conference

No. 1 Milwaukee Bucks vs. No. 4 New York Knicks

No. 2 Indiana Pacers vs. No. 3 Boston Celtics

Western Conference

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • Phoenix Suns
  • TBD

What are the key dates for the 2023-24 NBA in-season tournament?

On Monday, Dec. 4, and Tuesday, Dec. 5, teams with the higher seeds will host each game in the single-game elimination format during the quarterfinals.

After that, the four winners will progress to Las Vegas, where the semifinals are set for Thursday, Dec. 7. The final is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 9, also in Sin City.

The final, essentially acting as the No. 83 game on the calendar, will not contribute to players’ regular-season statistics.

What will the teams who were eliminated do?

The 22 teams who didn’t make it to the quarterfinals won’t just watch from the couch. Instead, they’ll each play a home and away regular-season game on Wednesday, Dec. 6, and Friday, Dec. 8, with the schedule yet to be determined.

The four losers in the quarterfinals will play a regular-season game on Dec. 8.

What is the prize for the NBA in-season tournament winner?

On Dec. 9, the champion will distribute $500,000 to each player on the roster. The runner-ups will receive $200,000 each, semifinal losers $100,000, and quarterfinal losers $50,000.

There will also be a Most Valuable Player award given along with an all-tournament team.