Prince Harry goes back to his ‘zone’ as Royal Prince in Canada

In a recent visit to Vancouver to promote the Invictus Games 2025 alongside Meghan Markle, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, was observed proudly showcasing his royal status, despite ongoing feuds within the royal family. Royal expert Judi James, commenting on the visit, notes that Harry seemed to be comfortably back in his element as a royal Prince, relishing the spotlight much like his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

image showing Prince Harry goes back to his 'zone' as Royal Prince in Canada

“Harry’s body language suggests he is back in the ‘zone’ as a royal Prince here, enjoying his moment in the spotlight that echoes his grandmother’s public engagements,” says James. She goes on to highlight his beaming smile as he stepped onto the rink and his distinctive royal wave, interpreting the V for victory sign as a manifestation of his delight in the familiar attention.

James adds, “His expressions and gestures indicate that he is reveling in the once-familiar form of attention, possibly signaling his willingness to assert his royal status not only in the United States but also in Canada, sending a message to the family Firm in the UK.”

The royal visit was not only about regal appearances, as Prince Harry also showcased his sport-loving, playful, and somewhat macho side. He engaged in light-hearted banter with ice hockey players and enthusiastically celebrated his team’s successes. James notes, “He got to show his playful and rather macho side here, joking with the ice hockey players and leaping up out of his seat, doing celebratory dances when his team scored.”

Despite ongoing family tensions, Prince Harry’s visit to Canada evidently provided him with an opportunity to embrace and flaunt his royal status while actively promoting the Invictus Games, reinforcing his commitment to initiatives supporting veterans and wounded warriors.