Spurs Coach Popovich’s Plea to Stop Booing Kawhi Leonard Stirs Controversy

The coach of the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich, asked fans to stop booing Kawhi Leonard from the LA Clippers during their recent game. But when he spoke on the microphone, instead of calming the fans, it made them boo even louder.

image showing Spurs Coach Popovich's Plea to Stop Booing Kawhi Leonard Stirs Controversy

Some people agreed with Coach Popovich’s message, but many didn’t. Before the Golden State Warriors played the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr supported Popovich, sharing a controversial opinion.

“Booing should be done carefully,” Coach Kerr informed the press, according to Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News. “I believe there should be a basic guideline that if a player contributes to your team winning a championship, they should not face boos in your home arena… For others, it’s fair game.”

Kerr’s idea that winning a championship, like Leonard’s Finals MVP award, should prevent players from being booed is agreed upon by some. However, there’s strong disagreement. Many think fans can boo as much as they want, as long as it’s within bounds since they bought tickets. Some argue that Leonard’s complex departure is reason enough for booing, even with his Finals MVP. This disagreement is what makes Kerr’s statement controversial.

There are two sides to this argument, and both feel strongly about their stance. For Kerr, he is with coach Popovich.