Steph Curry: The NBA’s Joyous Star Who Finds Calm in Passion

Steph Curry is known for his calm, collected demeanor on the court, even in the most pressure-packed situations. But what’s the secret behind his cool-headedness? In a recent interview on the “SmartLess” podcast, Curry revealed that his love for the game and his childlike enthusiasm for basketball are the key factors that keep him calm and focused.

image showing Steph Curry The NBA's Joyous Star Who Finds Calm in Passion

Curry emphasized that the joy he derives from playing is the source of his serenity on the court. He described himself as a “little kid out there on the court,” and he believes that this childlike enthusiasm is crucial to his performance.

“I still have that kind of joy and excitement for the game,” Curry said. “I think that’s where my calm comes from. I’m just out there having fun.”

In addition to his love for the game, Curry also credits mindfulness and presence as important factors in his ability to stay calm. He mentioned the importance of being present in the moment and getting lost in the game, which helps him to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Of course, playing in the NBA is not all fun and games. Curry acknowledged the challenges of the basketball business, including team dynamics, the 82-game schedule, and the pressure to perform every night.

“There are definitely challenges that come with playing in the NBA,” Curry said. “But I’ve learned to manage those challenges and focus on what I can control. And that’s just going out there and playing my best.”

Despite the challenges, Curry never loses sight of the joy that he gets from playing basketball. He expressed that when he steps on the court, he feels pure joy, and that’s where he feels most alive.
“I still love the game as much as I ever did,” Curry said. “And I think that’s why I’m able to stay calm and focused, even in the most pressure-packed situations.”

Curry’s legacy extends beyond his shooting ability; his joyful demeanor is seen as synonymous with his successful career. Despite being 35 years old, he continues to perform exceptionally well, averaging 30.4 points per game.

Some experts believe that Curry’s exuberance and joy might be the key factors contributing to his remarkable longevity and performance. His ability to maintain a positive mindset and find joy in the game, even after 15 NBA seasons, is a testament to his character and his love for the sport.

Even after all these years, Curry still celebrates with fervor after making significant shots, showcasing his enduring passion for the game. This infectious enthusiasm is one of the reasons why he is so beloved by fans around the world.

Steph Curry’s mindset, characterized by joy and enthusiasm, has a positive impact on his performance, contributing to his longevity and success in the NBA. His ability to stay calm and focused, even in the most pressure-packed situations, is a testament to his love for the game and his unwavering passion for basketball.