WWE star expresses confidence ahead of World Women’s Champio

In a thrilling turn of events, WWE’s Zoey Stark is set to take center stage in the biggest match of her career as she gears up to face off against Rhea Ripley at Survivor Series for the highly sought-after World Women’s Championship. Securing the number one contender spot after a hard-fought Battle Royale on RAW, Stark exudes confidence and approaches the championship clash with a strategic mindset.

In an exclusive interview with Sescoops, Stark acknowledged the intensity of the impending match against Ripley, emphasizing their preparedness to engage in a fierce battle within the squared circle. Her focus, she asserted, is unwavering: capturing the World Women’s Championship.

“I’m so excited. Rhea and I, we’re really just going to give it our all. Let’s be honest, we’re going to be going all out in this match. So everyone, strap your seatbelts on, and let’s go. Like you said, it’s the biggest match of my career. So being completely and utterly focused is my number one priority. I’m going to do whatever I need to do to get that title around my waist,” Stark declared.

Adding to her excitement and determination, Stark identified a potential weakness in Ripley’s armor. The distraction caused by The Judgment Day’s WarGames match, according to Stark, has created an opportunity for her to exploit and gain an upper hand in the championship bout.”She’s worried about so many different things. And no matter what she says, nobody can handle all of that. Everyone has a weakness. So as long as she’s thinking about one of those little things while we’re wrestling, that’s it. That’s all I need,” Zoey explained during the interview.

As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the Survivor Series clash between Zoey Stark and Rhea Ripley, the question looms: Can Stark cause a significant upset and dethrone the reigning World Women’s Champion? The comments section is buzzing with predictions, and fans are divided on the potential outcome of this high-stakes encounter.