A suspicious letter near the Israel Embassy had words like ‘Palestine’ and ‘Gaza’ written on it- Report

Security Increased Around Israel Embassy in Delhi Following Minor Explosion; Investigation Underway

Israel Embassy blast- Security agencies are currently reviewing footage from CCTV cameras in the area.

Image Showing A suspicious letter near the Israel Embassy had words like 'Palestine' and 'Gaza' written on it- Report

New Delhi- The Delhi Police have increased security around the Israel Embassy and other Jewish establishments in the national capital following a minor explosion in Chanakyapuri. Central agencies, including the Anti-terror National Investigation Agency (NIA), are investigating the incident. Despite thorough searches on Tuesday night, no explosive remnants were discovered near the embassy. However, an offensive letter addressed to Israel’s ambassador to India was found. The authorities are not dismissing the possibility of a “chemical explosion.”

Security agencies are currently examining CCTV footage in the area. According to sources from news agency PTI, authorities have identified two individuals walking on the road just moments before the blast. The agencies are working to determine whether these individuals are potential suspects.

The offensive letter has been forwarded for forensic examination to check for fingerprints.

According to a police source, the one-page letter in English included terms like “Zionists,” “Palestine,” and “Gaza.” The letter’s authors claimed to be associated with the organization ‘Sir Allah Resistance.’

On Tuesday, the Israel National Security Council issued a warning to Israelis in India, recommending that they steer clear of crowded places typically frequented by people from the West.

Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to India, Ohad Nakash Kaynar, assured on Tuesday that the embassy’s workers and diplomats are safe.

The Israel National Security Council emphasized, “On December 26, a bomb exploded near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. This may be an attack.”

The advisory recommended that Israelis should refrain from visiting “crowded places such as malls and markets, as well as locations identified as frequented by Western, Jewish, and Israeli individuals.”

The advisory further suggested, “Refrain from taking part in events with a large number of participants that are not secure.”

On Tuesday evening, the Delhi Police received a phone call reporting a blast near the Israel Embassy. Despite extensive searches, they discovered only the letter. Additionally, they have gathered some undisclosed items during their investigation.

Although authorities have not officially confirmed it as a blast, a security guard posted near the embassy reported hearing a loud noise and witnessing smoke.