Actor Payal Ghosh Claims She Once Dated Irfan Pathan

Actress Payal Ghosh, known for her proposal to Mohammed Shami during the ICC World Cup 2023, is once again making headlines. This time, she’s taken to Twitter, making surprising statements about her past relationship with ex-Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan.

Ghosh revealed that she was in a five-year relationship with Pathan and faced health issues after their breakup. She shared a photo of them together and expressed that he was the only person she ever loved.

In addition to talking about her relationship with Pathan, Ghosh made various claims involving well-known figures like Gautam Gambhir and Akshay Kumar.

The social media post triggered a range of reactions. Some users criticized Ghosh for negatively seeking attention, questioning the necessity of sharing private pictures after so many years. Others pointed out that Irfan Pathan has been married since 2016 and has two children, questioning the timing and motive behind Ghosh’s revelations.

Comments on the post varied, with some users expressing doubt and suggesting that more evidence is needed to support Ghosh’s claims. Others labeled the post as an attention-seeking move of the highest order.