Amanda Bynes Addresses Face Tattoo After Making Industry Comeback With New Podcast

Former child star Amanda Bynes has made a notable return to the entertainment industry, showcasing a new chapter with the release of her inaugural podcast episode. Bynes, known for her roles in hit shows like “All That” and “The Amanda Show,” has recently ventured into podcasting, aiming to focus on discussions about the entertainment industry.

Image showing Amanda Bynes Addresses Face Tattoo After Making Industry Comeback With New Podcast

In the premiere episode of her podcast, “Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast,” the actress, who has faced mental health challenges leading to multiple 5150 holds in recent months, engaged in a conversation about face tattoos. Sporting a striking platinum blonde space buns hairstyle, Bynes reminisced with co-host Paul Sieminski and guest Dahlia Moth about meeting the model years ago while working at a spirit Halloween store.

“Nobody cares anymore if people have face tattoos. It shouldn’t matter,” shared Bynes during the podcast discussion.

To announce the podcast’s launch, Bynes took to Instagram, sharing a photo featuring herself, Sieminski, and Moth on a couch. Fans expressed enthusiasm in the comments, sending well wishes for her return and applauding the content she’s set to deliver.

“Loved the podcast, Amanda! It’s so great to hear from you again!” one fan shared.

Another fan expressed, “It was such a great first podcast! So happy to see Amanda being supported by such beautiful people. May this be the first of many podcasts!”

However, not all fans were comfortable with Sieminski, expressing reservations about him. Some questioned his identity and safety around Bynes.

The podcast launch marks Bynes’ first onscreen venture since the 2010 romantic comedy “Easy A.” This return follows a challenging year for the actress, including incidents leading to 5150 psychiatric holds. Despite the setbacks, Bynes appears to be making strides in her career, capturing attention with her new platinum blonde hairstyle and engaging in discussions about the entertainment industry on her podcast.