Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Will Aquaman 2 spoil Donkey and Salar’s game at the box office know the opinion of experts

In a cinematic showdown this week, Shahrukh Khan’s “Dunki,” Prabhas’s “Salaar,” and the Hollywood blockbuster “Aquaman:

Image showing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Will Aquaman 2 spoil Donkey and Salar's game at the box office know the opinion of experts

The Lost Kingdom” are set to battle for audience attention. With “Dunki” already hitting theaters and “Salaar” scheduled for release on December 22, the clash not only pits two prominent directors, Prashant Neel and Rajkumar Hirani, against each other but also places two heavyweight actors in the spotlight.

Trade analyst Ramesh Bala, as reported by Times Now, suggests that “Aquaman” might face challenges in competing with “Dunki” and “Salaar.” He notes that unlike franchises like Avengers, Spiderman, or Fast and Furious, “Aquaman” does not belong to a highly recognizable Hollywood series. Despite having a fan following, it is considered a medium-level Hollywood film.

While the first installment of the “Aquaman” series, released in 2018, received positive reviews, it lacked the transformative impact seen in other DC Universe franchises. The current film’s success will determine its future standing as a potential blockbuster.

Film analyst Akshay Rathi believes that the three films— “Dunki,” “Salaar,” and “Aquaman”—will not significantly influence each other due to their distinct target audiences. “Dunki” caters to both urban multiplex audiences and mass appeal, “Salaar” is tailored exclusively for mass entertainment, and “Aquaman” attracts urban viewers as a DC Universe fan film.

Girish Johar, another trade analyst, acknowledges that the releases of “Dunki” and “Salaar” may impact “Aquaman,” but he emphasizes the enduring fan base of the DC Universe film. Johar suggests that while the competition might affect the box office numbers, positive reviews could significantly boost “Aquaman’s” weekend earnings. Citing past instances where major films thrived despite clashes, such as “Gadar 2” and “OMG 2,” he highlights the potential for all three films to resonate with their respective audiences and perform well. The fate of “Aquaman” at the box office hinges on critical reception and audience reactions, as seen in previous instances of successful film releases amidst fierce competition.