Barry Gibb’s 5 Children Everything to Know

Iconic musician Barry Gibb, known for his role in forming the Bee Gees along with brothers Robin and Maurice, recently marked 20 years in the film industry. Throughout his soaring career, Barry has managed to keep his family close, thanks to his enduring marriage to Linda Gray, which began in 1970. The couple has five children: Stephen, Ashley, Travis, Michael, and Alexandra.

Image showing Barry Gibb's 5 Children Everything to Know

Barry Gibb, a pivotal figure in the Bee Gees, achieved fame with hits like “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” and “You Should Be Dancing,” especially when the band produced the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever.

The Gibb family’s lineage includes Stephen, born in 1973, Ashley in 1977, Travis in 1981, Michael in 1984, and Alexandra in 1991. The family split their time between Miami and London during their children’s upbringing. Barry emphasized the significance of having his family on tour, stating in a 1989 interview with PEOPLE, “I can’t imagine what it is like to be a successful pop star without a family to support you.”

The 1980s saw the Bee Gees entangled in record company disputes, leading to an eight-year hiatus. Barry described this period as the happiest years of their lives, focusing on raising their children and writing and producing songs for other artists.

In the present day, Barry has transitioned to a solo career, often collaborating with his sons Stephen and Ashley on new music. Stephen, 50, a skilled guitarist, and Ashley, 46, have been integral to Barry’s recent works, including co-writing his 2016 album, “In the Now.”

Stephen, who also goes by Steve, joined his father on the Mythology Tour in 2013, showcasing their musical collaboration. He is married to Gloria Levas, and the couple has two children: Angus and Nina Gibb.

Ashley, a successful songwriter despite focusing on tennis initially, collaborated with Barry on projects like Barbra Streisand’s “Guilty Pleasures” album in 2005. Ashley is married to Therese Gibb, and they share a son named Lucas Gibb.

Travis, born in 1981, chose a career in real estate in Miami. He is married to Stacy Bash Gibb, and the couple has two children: Layla and Liam Gibb.

Michael, born in 1984, pursued acting, featuring in movies such as “Stan the Man” and “Buddies.”

The youngest, Alexandra, born in 1991, has kept a low profile, occasionally joining her father at public events.

Barry Gibb, now a solo artist, continues to navigate the realms of music with the support and collaboration of his talented family, marking not only a musical legacy but a cherished familial journey spanning two decades.