Bigg Boss 7 Telugu – Amar’s cheap behavior towards Prashanth upsets man

As Bigg Boss 7 Telugu approaches its grand finale, the latest episodes have witnessed a dramatic escalation in tensions, especially during intense tasks. However, a recent incident involving contestants Amar and Pallavi Prashanth has stirred controversy and left viewers deeply upset.

Image showing Bigg Boss 7 Telugu – Amar’s cheap behavior towards Prashanth upsets man

During a task in yesterday’s episode, the interaction between Amar and Pallavi Prashanth took an unpleasant turn, with allegations of disrespectful behavior on Amar’s part. Videos circulating from live coverage depict instances where Amar is seen pushing and allegedly abusing Prashanth, leading to a wave of discontent among fans.

The clash between the two contestants has been a recurring theme throughout the season, marked by heated arguments since the show’s inception. However, the recent altercation has taken matters to an extreme, prompting viewers to express their displeasure over the alleged mistreatment.

With both Amar and Prashanth nominated for eviction this week, the unfolding drama adds an extra layer of suspense to the elimination process. Fans of Prashanth are now calling for the show’s host, Nagarjuna, to address this issue during the upcoming weekend episode and seek resolution.

The controversy has sparked a debate among Bigg Boss 7 Telugu enthusiasts, with opinions divided on the severity of Amar’s actions and the potential consequences for the contestants involved. As the reality show inches closer to its conclusion, the Amar-Prashanth feud has become a focal point, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the outcome of the impending eviction. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing controversy in the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu house.