Bollywood has been very tough for me Meera Chopra

Actress Meera Chopra, known for her roles in films like “1920 London” and “Section 375,” is set to grace the screen in the upcoming film “Safed,” slated for release on the ZEE5 digital platform on December 29, 2023. In a recent interview, Meera Chopra shared insights into her involvement in the film and shed light on its intriguing narrative.

Image showing Bollywood has been very tough for me Meera Chopra

How Did You Get Involved in “Safed”?

Meera Chopra revealed that director Sandeep Singh reached out to her one Sunday, instructing her to wear the same saree donned by Vidya Balan in the film “Parineeta.” After a brief phone call, Sandeep asked her to audition for a scene. Impressed with her performance, he handed her the script and requested her response by night. Meera, having read the script in one go, was captivated by its narrative and promptly agreed to join the project.

Exploring the World of “Safed”

Describing “Safed” as a dark film, Meera emphasized that it unveils a world rarely known to the common audience. The film delves into the love story between a eunuch and a widow, portraying a realm unfamiliar to many. Meera’s character, named Kali, adds depth to the intricate narrative.

On Being a Pan India Actress

Reflecting on the current trend of Pan India actresses, Meera Chopra acknowledged that she has been part of multiple film industries for years, both in the South and Bollywood. She highlighted the shift in dynamics, noting that earlier, there was minimal crossover between the industries. Meera expressed that she worked simultaneously in both regions when it was uncommon, recalling Sonu Sood as one of the few actors doing South films back then.

Balancing South and Bollywood

Meera admitted to having worked more in the South, citing ease in securing films and a continuous flow of opportunities. In comparison, Bollywood posed greater challenges, with Meera facing difficulties in securing roles after a few initial films. She attributed the tough competition in Bollywood to the existence of camps and friendships with directors, a landscape she found challenging to navigate.

Meera Chopra concluded by expressing her desire to work in Bollywood, acknowledging the difficulties she faced in the industry but remaining optimistic about future opportunities. As “Safed” prepares for its digital release, audiences anticipate Meera Chopra’s portrayal of the intriguing character Kali in this unique and unconventional love story.