Celine Dion’s Sister Shares Troubling Health Update for Singer Breaks My Heart

In a candid update on Celine Dion’s health, the singer’s sister, Claudette, has revealed the ongoing challenges Dion faces a year after her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis.

Image showing Celine Dion's Sister Shares Troubling Health Update for Singer Breaks My Heart

Claudette, speaking to 7 Jours as reported by Daily Mail, disclosed that the iconic artist, known for hits like “My Heart Will Go On,” is grappling with a lack of muscle control. At 55, Dion is diligently working to manage the effects of the neurological disorder.

“What breaks my heart is that she’s always been disciplined…She’s always worked hard,” expressed Claudette, 75, highlighting Celine Dion’s strong work ethic instilled by their mother. Despite the difficulties, Claudette shared that Celine’s goal is to return to the stage, although the exact capacity remains uncertain.

This update comes a year after Dion publicly shared her diagnosis on December 8, 2022. In an Instagram video, the “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” singer acknowledged her health struggles and the impact of the “very rare” neurological disorder on her daily life.

“Unfortunately, the spasms affect every aspect of my daily life,” Dion disclosed, explaining how the disorder has impacted her ability to walk and sing. The renowned artist expressed her determination to rebuild strength and resume performing, acknowledging the challenging journey ahead.

Celine Dion’s commitment to her health and the support from her sister shed light on the resilience of the Grammy-winning singer. Fans continue to rally behind Dion as she faces these health challenges, hoping for her eventual return to the stage, where her powerful voice has captivated audiences worldwide.