Century Plyboards (I) share price Today Live Updates : Century Plyboards (I) Surges on Strong Trading Day

In the latest market developments, Century Plyboards (I) exhibited a slight increase of 0.05% in its stock value on December 4, 2023. The day concluded with the stock closing at ₹675.95 per share, and the current trading price holding steady at ₹676.3 per share. Investors are advised to closely monitor the stock’s performance, analyzing its responses to market dynamics in the coming days.

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Starting the day at ₹638.7, Century Plyboards (I) experienced fluctuations throughout the trading session, ranging between a high of ₹680.65 and a low of ₹638.7. The closing price of ₹675.95 reflects a marginal uptick from the previous day’s close of ₹644.05.

Century Plyboards (I) boasts a robust market capitalization of ₹14,952.24 crore. The stock’s 52-week performance highlights a high of ₹720.6 and a low of ₹436.65, indicating notable volatility over the past year.

The BSE recorded a trading volume of 27,805 shares for Century Plyboards (I) on December 4, 2023, underscoring market engagement with the stock. The AI-generated live blog provides real-time updates, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in navigating market fluctuations.

Recent Trading Highlights

Key timestamps include:

  • 09:43:09 AM IST: Trading at ₹676.3, reflecting a 0.05% increase from the prior day’s closing.
  • 09:24:35 AM IST: Trading at ₹675.55, registering a marginal 0.06% decline from the preceding day.
  • 08:58:09 AM IST: Closing at ₹644.05 on the last trading day.

Investors are recurrently advised to actively monitor Century Plyboards (I) stock in the immediate future, keenly observing its responsiveness to evolving market trends for informed decision-making.

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