Charlie Sheen Says His Return to TV After Possession Is Surreal- Do You Believe in Miracles? (Exclusive)

After a six-year hiatus focused on sobriety, parenting, and maintaining a “predictable routine,” actor Charlie Sheen is making a return to television. Famous for being fired from the hit show ‘Two and a Half Men’ in 2011 due to erratic behavior, Sheen now shares his journey back to the spotlight in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

Image showing Charlie Sheen Says His Return to TV After Possession Is Surreal- Do You Believe in Miracles? (Exclusive)

Sheen, 58, will be seen playing himself in two episodes of Chuck Lorre’s new Max sports gambling dramedy, ‘Bookie,’ starring Sebastian Maniscalco. The collaboration marks a reunion with Lorre, the same show creator who parted ways with Sheen a decade ago. Despite their past differences, Lorre reached out to Sheen, suggesting it was time to bury the hatchet and remember the positive contributions they made together.

Reflecting on his life, Sheen acknowledges the impact of his struggles with drugs and alcohol, referring to them as his “possession.” He expresses remorse for the challenges he faced and the negative attention it brought. Surprisingly, Sheen wasn’t expecting Lorre’s call about ‘Bookie’ but eagerly embraced the opportunity to mend their relationship.

Describing their reunion on the studio lot, Sheen expresses both parties were “beaming” with positivity. The actor finds it “surreal” to have turned his life around and to be back on a Chuck Lorre show. He quotes Al Michael’s famous hockey call, asking, “Do you believe in miracles?” and likens his experience to a “sober acid trip.”

Now, Sheen is ready for a comeback, expressing his eagerness for more roles. Despite past challenges affecting his work reputation, he emphasizes his readiness to be the dedicated and professional actor he once was. However, he acknowledges that the future of his career is uncertain and beyond his control.

Maintaining a neutral stance, Sheen emphasizes living in the moment and being open to potential opportunities. He concludes by stating his commitment to staying grounded and creating new opportunities if the current comeback leads to further success or not. Sheen’s return to television marks a significant chapter in his career, showcasing resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.