Club América has increased its Liga MX title count to 14 following a victory over Tigres

Club América Clinches 2023 Apertura Title with Record 14th Liga MX Triumph

Image Showing Club América has increased its Liga MX title count to 14 following a victory over Tigres

Club América has increased their record number of Liga MX titles to 14 by beating Tigres 4-1 in the overall score during the 2023 Apertura final.

After a 1-1 draw in the first leg at Tigres’ Estadio Universitario on Thursday, Club América secured a 3-0 victory in extra time during the second leg at their Estadio Azteca home ground on Sunday.

The second leg on Sunday had an early delay shortly after the match started. Within minutes of the opening whistle, there was a pause in the game due to a clash between Tigres’ Jesús Angulo and Club América’s Igor Lichnovsky. Lichnovsky received a yellow card for his challenge, and both defenders required an extended period to recover before the game resumed in the eighth minute.

After the game resumed, the first half became intense, with both teams being cautious to avoid mistakes. Tigres’ Nahuel Guzman and Club América’s Angel Malagon made noteworthy saves as Las Aguilas forward Julián Quiñones missed a significant opportunity. The careful start led to a halftime break with a 0-0 scoreline.

Both teams maintained practical strategies as the second half began. However, by the 71st minute, Tigres’ Rafael Carioca came close to scoring as his strong long-range shot hit the woodwork.

In the 80th minute, Club América gained a one-man advantage in the late stages of the game when Tigres’ Raymundo Fulgencio received a direct red card. Fulgencio struck Quiñones in the face with his left hand, and after a VAR review confirmed the decision in the 84th minute, Tigres were left with only 10 players.

Facing a tough situation, Tigres came close to conceding the first goal of the night when Guzman made a crucial save in the 90th minute from Club América’s Diego Valdes. With neither team scoring in the additional injury time, the championship went into extra time to determine the 2023 Apertura champion.

During the first half of extra time, Club América quickly assumed control of the game.

Swiftly, by the 91st minute, Quiñones capitalized on a rebound from his own shot and scored, putting the ball past Guzman. Intensifying their attack, Club América surprised Guzman in the 95th minute. The goalkeeper hurried forward to stop a counter, received a second yellow card, and as a result, Tigres were reduced to nine players.

In the 104th minute, facing Tigres substitute goalkeeper Carlos Rodríguez, Club América extended their lead to 2-0 with a precise strike from midfielder Richard Sánchez. With a two-man advantage and a two-goal lead, Club América further increased their lead to 3-0 in the 120th minute with a powerful shot from Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodriguez. The final whistle confirmed the victory and secured the 2023 Apertura championship for Club América.

Securing the title, manager Andre Jardine has become the third coach to win a Liga MX trophy in their debut season with Club América. Veteran defender Miguel Layun, who came back to Club América in 2021 after previously playing from 2010 to 2014, officially concluded his professional career on Sunday, earning his third Liga MX championship, all with Las Aguilas.