Delhi Air Quality Update: Understanding the Recent Dip to ‘Very Poor’ Levels

Explore the latest Delhi air quality updates as of December 5, revealing a dip to ‘very poor’ levels with an AQI of 310. Stay informed about the ongoing pollution concerns and related developments in the national capital.

As of December 5, the AQI in Delhi stands at 310, categorizing the air quality as ‘very poor.’ The medical superintendent faced suspension due to irregularities discovered during a surprise inspection, revealing financial and infrastructural shortcomings at Hindu Rao Hospital.

The PWD has directed divisional officers to refrain from initiating any new road repair, maintenance, or construction work from the upcoming month, citing financial constraints.

IMAGE OF Delhi Air Quality Update: Understanding the Recent Dip to 'Very Poor' Levels

Delhi Air Quality Plummets to ‘Very Poor’: A Critical Analysis

In the wake of high pollution levels, Delhi finds itself grappling with deteriorating air quality, hitting ‘very poor’ status. This alarming revelation comes on December 5, as the Air Quality Index (AQI) registers at 310. The city has been consistently experiencing air quality ranging from ‘severe’ to ‘very poor’ over the past few weeks, posing significant health risks and environmental challenges.

Medical Superintendent Suspension Raises Eyebrows

Amidst these concerns, the medical superintendent of Hindu Rao Hospital faced suspension after irregularities were unearthed during a surprise inspection by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi. Grave financial and infrastructural gaps were identified, highlighting the pressing need for immediate corrective measures. The mayor, in response, suspended the medical superintendent on the spot.

Public Works Department’s Directive Amid Funding Woes

In another development, the Public Works Department (PWD) has issued directives to its divisional officers overseeing road repair, maintenance, and construction projects. The directive explicitly instructs against initiating any new work starting from the next month. Officials are mandated to submit annual plans for their respective divisions, emphasizing a temporary halt to new tenders and projects amidst ongoing complaints about fund scarcity.

Delhi HC Expresses Concern Over Foot Overbridges

While addressing a plea to make foot overbridges in the city disabled-friendly, the Delhi High Court expressed deep concern over the non-maintenance of these structures. The court highlighted the poor condition of foot overbridges, questioning why maintenance is not taking place and emphasizing the need for periodic upkeep.

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