Earthquake rattles England players during their Caribbean tour

On Saturday, an earthquake in the Caribbean startled several England players who were on tour in the West Indies.

Image Showing Earthquake rattles England players during their Caribbean tour

All-rounder Will Jacks did not wake up during the earthquake that registered 5.2 on the Richter scale, 80 kilometers to the southeast of the Caribbean island at 4:48 am. However, Planet Sport reports that he revealed several teammates later described their rooms shaking in the minutes afterward.

A brief concern arose that the incident could trigger a tsunami, but no damage has been reported.

“I didn’t wake up,” Jack said. “I woke up around 6 am, saw the messages in the group, and couldn’t believe it.”

“Some guys mentioned that their entire room was shaking, so it’s a bit weird.”

“I’m quite a deep sleeper. I don’t wake up for anything. (Harry) Brook messaged me, asking, ‘Is there going to be a tsunami?’ But it’s all good now.”

West Indies captain Shai Hope said, “I didn’t wake up, but I felt something. It’s just nature. You can’t control it.”

“It’s not like a hurricane where you get some warning, but you’ve just got to hope it’s not too serious.”