EastEnders Matt Di Angelo- Dean deserves to wear the cufflinks

Matt Di Angelo, who portrays the controversial character Dean Wicks in EastEnders, recently shared his thoughts on the speculation surrounding Dean’s fate as Christmas approaches. Dean’s return to Albert Square earlier in the year has stirred up plenty of drama, particularly in his interactions with Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

Image showing EastEnders Matt Di Angelo-Dean deserves to wear the cufflinks

Having played the role of a rapist and Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) business partner, Dean Wicks has become a divisive figure among viewers. As Christmas looms, speculation has been rife about which character will meet their demise during the festive season, and many believe Dean is a prime candidate.

In a recent interview, actor Matt Di Angelo offered insights into Dean’s storyline leading up to Christmas. He mentioned that Dean is back in Albert Square, striving to make his business successful and care for his sick daughter. Despite his attempts to integrate into the community, Dean is facing challenges, especially as people doubt his innocence in past events.

Di Angelo revealed that Dean genuinely believes in his innocence and is surprised by the shift in public opinion. The people of Walford are supporting Linda, adding another layer of complexity to Dean’s struggle to gain acceptance. With the pressure mounting and the holiday season approaching, Dean finds himself determined to change people’s perceptions to secure his place in Walford.

As viewers eagerly anticipate the Christmas episodes, the fate of Dean Wicks remains uncertain, leaving fans speculating on whether he will be the character meeting a dramatic end during the festive period.