Fadnavis Sends Cryptic Letter to Ajit Pawar, Says NCP’s Nawab Malik’s Presence in Ruling Alliance Unacceptable

In a move that has sent shockwaves through Maharashtra’s political landscape, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has penned an open letter to his cabinet colleague and NCP leader Ajit Pawar, expressing his strong opposition to the induction of Nawab Malik into their ruling alliance. Malik, an NCP MLA, is currently facing charges in a money laundering case.

image of Fadnavis Sends Cryptic Letter to Ajit Pawar, Says NCP's Nawab Malik's Presence in Ruling Alliance Unacceptable

Fadnavis’s letter, which has been widely circulated in the media, underscores the growing rift between the BJP and the NCP within the Mahayuti alliance. The BJP had earlier expressed reservations about Malik’s inclusion in the alliance, but Fadnavis’s letter marks a more formal and public expression of this sentiment.

In his letter, Fadnavis states, “In view of the manner in which he (Nawab Malik) is accused, we are of the opinion that it would not be proper to take him into the grand alliance.” He further emphasizes that the BJP’s commitment to upholding the values of justice and integrity is paramount.

Malik’s presence in the ruling alliance has been a source of contention for some time, with the BJP raising concerns about the potential impact on the party’s image and credibility. Fadnavis’s letter seems to indicate that the BJP is no longer willing to tolerate Malik’s presence in the alliance and is prepared to take a more assertive stance on the issue.

The open letter has sparked a political firestorm in Maharashtra, with the BJP and NCP trading barbs and accusing each other of undermining the stability of the alliance. It remains to be seen whether Fadnavis’s intervention will force the NCP to reconsider its decision to include Malik in the alliance. However, the letter has undoubtedly injected a new level of volatility into Maharashtra’s political landscape.