Hania Aamir opens up on past relationship social media trolling

Popular actress Hania Aamir, celebrated for her stellar performances in hit serials, recently delved into her past relationships and addressed the challenges of handling online toxicity in a candid podcast.

Image showing Hania Aamir opens up on past relationship, social media trolling

During the discussion, the ‘Mujhay Pyaar Hua Tha’ star expressed a reflective perspective on her previous romantic involvements, emphasizing that she cherishes the positive aspects without harboring any regrets.

“I enjoyed every single thing about it; the bad part was meant to happen, I could not do anything about it. There is no regret in my life. I exactly acted the way I wanted to. I did the things as per my thought process or intellect,” she shared.

Hania Aamir emphasized that she remains true to herself, doing what she believes is right. She acknowledged the normalcy of sharing aspects of her life on social media and highlighted the fragility of romantic relationships, noting that they should be protected.

“Romantic relationships should be protected because they are too fragile. Also, it’s not like the devils or haters are sitting on the other end; they are just your fans who love you and are invested in yourself; they fall apart if a relationship breaks,” she added.

Addressing the topic of online trolling, Hania Aamir revealed that she chooses to ignore negative comments from haters on her posts. She mentioned that updates about the negativity directed towards her often reach her through friends and family, but she has developed a resilience to such instances.

While acknowledging that encounters with online negativity are rare for her now, she also considered the possibility that she may not always notice it. Hania Aamir’s open and honest discussion sheds light on the complexities of navigating personal relationships in the public eye and handling the challenges of social media scrutiny.