Influencer who gave iPhone to wedding guests: “Don’t feel sorry for me”

In a social media spectacle, influencer Hytalo Santos and his partner Euro made waves by gifting an iPhone 15 Pro Max to each guest as part of their wedding invitations. The extravagant gesture gained widespread attention as the couple’s wedding unfolded with a surprisingly small number of attendees last Thursday (30).

Image showing Influencer who gave iPhone to wedding guests

Following the viral episode, Hytalo took to his Instagram stories to address the buzz and asked his followers not to sympathize with him. He asserted, “Don’t feel sorry for me, if God put me here today it’s because I can give iPhones in the invitations, because God honored and blessed us.”

Undeterred by the criticism, Hytalo went on to express his confidence and pride in his choices, stating, “I know it’s normal, people don’t value it, no. If I were to wait for appreciation from others to do what I do and be proud of who I am, I wouldn’t even be proud of myself, nor would I be doing what I love to do.”

In his latest social media post, Hytalo addressed the mixed reviews of his wedding, humorously calling it a “FLOP” but acknowledging that it continues to be a trending topic. He also made it clear that he harbors no regrets and holds no ill will towards those who were invited but did not attend.

Defending the iPhone gifts, Hytalo explained, “These iPhones were supposed to be souvenirs. Anyone who saw the wedding preparations saw that I would only give it at the end, but I decided to go ahead with the invitations. I wanted it sealed and sealed; everyone knew about the invitations.”

The influencer’s unapologetic stance and extravagant wedding have sparked ongoing discussions on social media, making the event a subject of fascination and debate in online communities.