Kakar Demands Unconditional Surrender from Terrorist Groups-Refuses Negotiations

Headline: Caretaker PM Kakar Firmly Rejects Negotiations with Terrorists, Unveils New Visa Policy.

Islamabad, APP – Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has issued a strong declaration, urging terrorist outfits to surrender unconditionally, emphasizing that the state will not engage in negotiations with them. The statement came during an interaction with the families of martyrs at the Interior Ministry, where the PM also launched Pakistan’s new visa policy.

Rejection of Leniency

PM Kakar affirmed that the state would not show leniency to terrorists responsible for violence and the loss of innocent lives. He asserted that the legitimate right to use armed power rests solely with the state’s security forces.

State’s Stance Against Terrorism

The PM clarified the state’s unwavering stance against terrorism, emphasizing that all organs of the state are committed to persistently combatting terrorists. He acknowledged the sacrifices of the martyrs, paying tribute to heroes from various segments of society.

Compensation for Past Leniency

Addressing the past leniency towards terrorists, Kakar stated that any damage incurred would be mitigated, reinforcing the commitment to a tough stance against terrorism.

New Visa Policy Launch

At the launch of Pakistan’s new visa policy, PM Kakar congratulated the Ministry of Interior, considering it a significant milestone. He highlighted the need to rationalize the visa policy to attract investment and foster connectivity with the world.

Investor Visa Introduction

The new policy includes the introduction of investor visas, aligned with the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) initiative. The streamlined process aims to grant visa approval within 24 hours, with short-term visas valid for three years and long-term entry visas valid for five years.

Revised Business Visa Category

The business visa category has been revised with the introduction of SIFC Business Entry, offering a hassle-free process for a six-month short-term entry visa and a five-year long-term visa. Nadra is managing the visa process, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Memorial Gallery Inauguration

PM Kakar inaugurated a memorial gallery displaying pictures of martyrs, acknowledging their sacrifices. He visited the social media cell for a briefing on its functioning and expressed gratitude to the caretaker government for recognizing the sacrifices of martyred heroes.

The caretaker PM’s firm stance against terrorism and the introduction of a new visa policy reflect the government’s commitment to national security and economic development.