Kangana Ranaut- Will Kangana Ranaut contest the Lok Sabha elections? What’s the real truth about the poster?

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has recently addressed the swirling rumors surrounding her potential entry into politics and speculated candidature in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The speculations gained momentum following Kangana’s visit to the Dwarka Sri Krishna temple, where she expressed openness to a political debut if blessed by Lord Krishna.

Image showing Kangana Ranaut- Will Kangana Ranaut contest the Lok Sabha elections

Social Media Buzz

The news of Kangana’s political aspirations spread rapidly across various social media platforms, fueled by a widely circulated poster suggesting her possible candidacy from Chandigarh on a BJP ticket.

Kangana’s Clear Response

Taking to Instagram, Kangana vehemently denied the claims, clarifying that she was never approached by the BJP for a Lok Sabha ticket from Chandigarh. She underscored the speculative nature of the circulating news, categorically refuting any factual basis to the reports.

Despite her recent cinematic endeavors, including her role as IAF officer Tejas Gill in ‘Tejas,’ Kangana has faced challenges in achieving the anticipated box office success. Films like ‘Tejas’ and ‘Chandramukhi 2’ have not yielded the commercial impact she aimed for.

Upcoming Project ‘Emergency’

The actress is set to grace the screen in the forthcoming film ‘Emergency,’ portraying the character of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. ‘Emergency’ delves into the historical narrative of the emergency period, marking a pivotal chapter in India’s post-independence timeline.

Kangana Ranaut, an influential figure in the film industry, sought to dispel the political entry rumors, asserting her non-involvement in the purported developments. Despite facing challenges in recent cinematic ventures, she remains a prominent presence in the entertainment world. Her upcoming project, ‘Emergency,’ promises to offer audiences a glimpse into a crucial period of India’s political history.