Kerala Governor Accuses CM of Orchestrating Attack, Union Minister Responds With Barbed “Hamas” Reference

Headline: Kerala Governor Allegedly Physically Harmed in Thiruvananthapuram Amidst Political Tensions

Dramatic events unfolded in Thiruvananthapuram as Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan claimed to be physically harmed by unidentified individuals while en route to the airport. Here are the key details:

Incident Details

  • The alleged attack occurred on Monday evening while the Governor was heading to the airport for a flight to Delhi.
  • Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar accused Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s ‘Nava Kerala’ initiative of supporting the terrorist organization Hamas.

Governor’s Response

  • Governor Khan expressed concern over the deteriorating law and order, stating that “goondas” (hooligans) were attempting to control the streets of Thiruvananthapuram.
  • He questioned the CM’s involvement, claiming a conspiracy to physically harm him.
  • Khan asserted that pressure tactics wouldn’t affect him, emphasizing the need to address issues through dialogue.

Police and Political Reactions

  • Police reported SFI activists blocking the Governor’s vehicle at one location, leading to seven arrests. Black flags were waved at two other places.
  • Opposition parties, including Congress and BJP, accused CM Vijayan of orchestrating the attack and criticized the breakdown of law and order.
  • Leader of Opposition V D Satheesan questioned potential attempt-to-murder charges against SFI activists and criticized the CM’s handling of the situation.

Political Allegations

  • CM Vijayan faced allegations of a breakdown in law and order, with opposition leaders claiming his involvement in the attack on the Governor.
  • The police’s handling of the situation also came under scrutiny, with demands for action against officers allegedly involved.

BJP’s Perspective

  • BJP State Chief K Surendran accused the CPI(M) of orchestrating the attack, citing recent grievances over a Supreme Court verdict.
  • Surendran claimed police connivance and a breakdown of law and order, vowing not to stand by while the Governor was allegedly attacked.

Repetition of Incidents

  • This incident followed a previous day when SFI activists waved black flags at the Governor near Vazhuthacaud.

The situation underscores rising tensions between political figures in Kerala, raising concerns about law enforcement and political order.