Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo-and other footballers get Grand Theft Auto VI avatars

Lionel Messi, now living in Miami, is portrayed as a silent individual in GTA VI.

Image Showing Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo-and other footballers get Grand Theft Auto VI avatars

Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo avatars in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other soccer players have been transformed to fit the style of Grand Theft Auto in the upcoming sixth edition of the video game. Fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

The preview of Rockstar Games’ newest edition of the popular video game excited fans worldwide, and many responded in creative ways.

Don Shelby, a user, came up with a creative response, turning the world’s top football players into characters from the games, and it became widely popular.

Messi, now living in Miami where the game is set, is shown as a quiet person who explores the Magic City wearing a bomber jacket over a simple white T-shirt. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo, the star from Al-Nassr, is portrayed as a stylish thief with a medallion, sporting classic aviator sunglasses.

Since it first came out in 1997, the game has become more and more popular, and each new version is eagerly awaited by fans.

Rockstar Games has faced challenges in preventing leaks of footage and trailers for their upcoming releases. However, fans have shown creativity, producing images like Golden Boy Jude Bellingham appearing just as comfortable in the Miami crime scene as he does on the Real Madrid pitch.

More football icons like Vinicius Junior, Neymar, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have also been transformed into GTA characters. Grand Theft Auto has become the most successful entertainment product in its 26-year history.

The last version, released in 2013, made the game’s publishers over $7.7 billion (£6.3 billion).

Even though the game won’t feature the creatively reimagined football legends upon its release in 2025, it will introduce a female protagonist character for the first time. Whether players will get to encounter MLS’s exciting new addition, Messi, at Inter Miami is yet to be revealed.