Matt Napolitano Fox News Audio Anchor and Reporter Dies at 33

Matt Napolitano, a prominent anchor and reporter for Fox News Audio, tragically passed away on December 23 in New York City after a brief illness. At the age of 33, Napolitano had established himself as a key figure within the Fox News network.

Image showing Matt Napolitano Fox News Audio Anchor and Reporter Dies at 33

Napolitano’s journey with Fox News began in 2015, initially serving as a writer for its Sirius XM channel, Fox News Headlines 24/7. Demonstrating his talent and dedication, he swiftly progressed to become a sports reporter for the channel. Although he briefly left the company in 2022, he returned in November of the same year as Fox News embarked on expanding its audio content operations.

Throughout his tenure, Napolitano took on diverse roles as an anchor and reporter, contributing to all Fox News audio platforms. His versatility extended to writing and producing segments. Notably, he provided sports-related coverage for Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto Coast to Coast,” hosted by Neil Cavuto. Additionally, Napolitano lent his voice to the Fox News Edge service, delivering news coverage and content packages to Fox affiliate stations nationwide.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott commended Napolitano for his resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of journalism. In a memo to Fox News employees on December 24, Scott expressed the network’s appreciation for Napolitano’s multifaceted contributions.

Beyond his professional achievements, Napolitano was an enthusiastic fan of “Jeopardy.” Fulfilling a long-held dream, he appeared as a contestant on the syndicated game show in 2020. His meticulous application process, initiated during his teenage years, eventually led to his selection. Napolitano also showcased his trivia skills on “Wheel of Fortune” in 2016, reaching the bonus round.

Napolitano is survived by his husband, Ricky, whom he married in May of this year. His untimely passing has left the Fox News community and the media industry in mourning, recognizing the loss of a talented and dedicated journalist at a young age.