Mother’s friend brought the place- He didn’t know that I am an actress- Pooja Sawant said that the marriage was fixed

In a surprising revelation, popular actress Pooja Sawant has shared the details of her upcoming marriage to Siddhesh, a non-cinematic professional residing in Australia. The couple’s journey began through an arranged setup, and Pooja recently spilled the beans about their unique love story in a candid interview.

Image showing Mother's friend brought the place- He didn't know that I am an actress- Pooja Sawant said that the marriage was fixed

The story unfolds with Pooja’s mother’s friend playing a pivotal role in bringing the two together. Siddhesh, who hails from Mumbai and now works in the finance sector in Australia, initially had no knowledge of Pooja’s identity as an actress. Pooja recalled that when she first contacted Siddhesh, he was unaware of her stardom. It was only later, when Siddhesh’s mother informed him, that he realized Pooja’s profession. Despite her celebrity status, Siddhesh remained unfazed, expressing surprise at the unexpected connection.

Their love story evolved gradually, with Pooja emphasizing that she never anticipated such a turn of events in her life. After initial conversations and meetings, the couple discovered a deep connection, eventually leading to their engagement. Pooja expressed the joyous moment when she knew Siddhesh was “the one.”

As for the wedding date, Pooja has kept fans on their toes, teasing that details will be revealed soon. Speculation is rife that the ceremony might take place in the upcoming new year, adding to the excitement among Pooja’s followers.

Meanwhile, Pooja is gearing up for the release of her film ‘Musafira.’ Directed by Pushkar Jog, the movie holds the distinction of being the first Indian film shot on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands. Described as a heartwarming story, ‘Musafira’ explores themes of friendship, emotional bonds, and reunion in the midst of today’s stressful times. With anticipation building for both Pooja’s personal and professional milestones, fans are eagerly awaiting further updates.