Mouni Roy went on vacation with Disha Patani seeing the trollers said Hey you forgot to wear these clothes

Popular actresses Mouni Roy and Disha Patani recently embarked on a vacation together, sharing glimpses of their trip on social media. While their glamorous pictures garnered admiration from fans, the duo also became the target of online trolls who didn’t hold back from expressing their opinions.

Image showing Mouni Roy went on vacation with Disha Patani seeing the trollers said Hey you forgot to wear these clothes

Known for her bold persona, Mouni Roy frequently sets social media ablaze with her stunning bikini photos, and her close friend Disha Patani is equally known for her bold and glamorous appearances. The combination of their hotness on display during their joint vacation stirred up a buzz among their followers.

The viral images and videos from their girls’ trip showcased Disha Patani in a striking red bikini, while Mouni Roy’s deep-neck outfit grabbed attention as well. Some fans expressed uncontrollable excitement at seeing the two beauties together, while others took the opportunity to criticize and troll the actresses.

Several trolls targeted their appearance, with one commenting, “Both look malnourished,” and another suggesting that Mouni is “going in the wrong direction.” Criticisms ranged from remarks about their clothing choices to accusations of being too thin. A troll even commented on a mark seen on Mouni’s neck, asking if it was a hickey, while another made a jest about a serpent coming out of a hole.

Amid the mixed reactions, some comments were more severe, with individuals advising the actresses on their appearances. One comment read, “Don’t go out in the sun as a plastic queen, let the plastic melt, let the national shameless people not be exposed.” Others expressed concern about their weight, with one person suggesting they “eat something” and another claiming, “They both have nothing to eat or wear due to poverty, so they have become malnourished.”

Despite the trolling, Mouni Roy and Disha Patani’s vacation pictures continue to generate significant discussion on social media, showcasing the love and criticism that accompany the glamorous lives of Bollywood stars.