Ncuti Gatwa dances in kilt and meets goblins in Doctor Who Christmas trailer

In a sneak peek into the highly anticipated Doctor Who Christmas episode, Ncuti Gatwa, renowned for his role in Sex Education, is revealed dancing in a kilt and encountering goblins. The 31-year-old actor made his debut in the iconic BBC One sci-fi series during the 60th-anniversary episodes, and fans are eagerly awaiting his first full episode as the 15th Time Lord, set to air on Christmas day.

Image showing Ncuti Gatwa dances in kilt and meets goblins in Doctor Who Christmas trailer

The recently released teaser trailer offers a glimpse of Gatwa’s Doctor, accompanied by new companion Ruby Sunday, played by former Coronation Street star Millie Gibson. The festive episode promises a mix of excitement, humor, and intergalactic adventure.

Opening with a scene of the Doctor gracefully twirling in a kilt, reminiscent of a nightclub setting, the trailer quickly transitions to action. Gatwa’s Doctor is seen leaping over roofs and joining Ruby on a perilous climb. When Ruby queries about what lies ahead, the Doctor nonchalantly responds with “goblins.”

The duo discovers the goblins inside a colossal flying ship, leading to a confrontation with the mysterious creatures. As the Doctor and Ruby enter the vessel, the goblins unleash their distinctive yells and shrieks.

The trailer concludes with Ruby’s inquiry, “Who are you?” as they step into the iconic Tardis, followed by the Doctor Who logo flashing on screen.

Ncuti Gatwa’s introduction as the Doctor came in the last episode titled “The Giggle,” where the Toymaker, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, split the Time Lord in two. The episode concluded with the enticing phrase “destination Christmas,” paving the way for the upcoming holiday special.

Joining Gatwa in the Doctor Who Christmas episode are notable guest stars, including Davina McCall as herself, Michelle Greenidge from “It’s A Sin” as Ruby’s mum Carla, Angela Wynter as her grandmother Cherry, and Lady Anita May as Mrs. Flood.

Titled “The Church On Ruby Road,” the festive episode is scheduled to air at 5:55 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Christmas Day, promising a thrilling and festive adventure for Doctor Who fans around the world.