PGA Tour does not support the newly announced golf ball rollback

The PGA Tour doesn’t like the recent decision made by golf authorities to change the rules and make golf balls go a shorter distance.

Image Showing PGA Tour does not support the newly announced golf ball rollback

They sent a letter to players saying they didn’t support this decision.

The new rule will start affecting professional golf in 2028 and the rest of us in 2030. The idea is to make golfers hit the ball shorter by changing how they test if golf balls are okay to use. The new test will use a faster swing speed of 125 mph instead of the current 120 mph. In both tests, the farthest the ball can go and still be allowed is 317 yards, with little room for error.

According to the people in charge of golf rules, this change will make the longest hitters, like Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy, hit the ball 13-15 yards less. The average professional male golfer, such as Corey Conners and Mackenzie Hughes, will hit it 9-11 yards less. LPGA players will hit it 5-7 yards less, and regular players will hit it less than five yards less.

The PGA Tour thinks the new test speed is too fast, and they don’t agree with it. They believe a smaller change would be better. On the other hand, the LPGA, which is the organization for women’s professional golf, doesn’t have a problem with the decision. They appreciate the people in charge of golf for making this decision to keep the game growing and successful.

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