Ronaldo bags another accolade, becomes ‘most searched player’ in Google’s history

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes History as Google’s Most Searched Athlete

Ronaldo, who has won many awards in his impressive career, has achieved a significant victory in the online world, surpassing all his peers.

After a fantastic career of about ten years, full of achievements, Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved another great milestone. He is now the “most searched athlete” in the history of Google.

After getting five Ballon d’Or awards and winning many Champions League titles, Ronaldo has reached a big achievement online. He’s now the top athlete in Google’s stats, according to

The 38-year-old footballer shared a video on his Instagram, saying his famous celebratory phrase “sui” and expressing thanks for his victory in the virtual world.

“Feeling thankful for being recognized as the most searched athlete in @google history,” said the caption on his post.

This accomplishment isn’t unexpected, given that the Portuguese star has approximately 615 million followers on Instagram alone, surpassing his longtime rival Lionel Messi, whose Instagram account has 495 million followers.

While Ronaldo and Messi are frequently matched against each other on the field, it’s clear that the Portuguese striker stands out when it comes to capturing the attention of the masses.

The Al Nassr star has loyal fans all around the world and holds the record for being the top goal scorer in the history of men’s football.

In just this year, 2023, he scored 50 goals, which is more than any other player, including Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane, and Messi.