Rubina Dilaik became mother of two daughters Trainer deleted the post after confirming

In a recent turn of events, television star Rubina Dilaik is rumored to have become the mother of twin daughters, as indicated by a now-deleted post from her trainer. The actress had previously announced her pregnancy in September of this year, and while the trainer’s post fueled the excitement, official confirmation is still pending.

Image showing Rubina Dilaik became mother of two daughters Trainer deleted the post after confirming

The trainer had shared the news of Rubina Dilaik’s twin babies, but subsequently removed the post, leaving fans eagerly awaiting an official statement from the actress and her husband, Abhinav Shukla.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, it is anticipated that Rubina and Abhinav will soon address the speculation and share details about the new additions to their family, possibly including the names of the twin daughters.

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Rubina Dilaik remained active on social media, keeping fans updated with the progress. In the ninth month, she had hinted at the possibility of having twins, adding to the anticipation surrounding the much-awaited announcement.

While Rubina Dilaik’s sister, Rohini Dilaik, is also expecting, the actress had shared the news of her own pregnancy in September, surprising her followers. The Dilaik family seems to be expanding, with both sisters experiencing the joy of motherhood.

Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, who tied the knot in June 2018, gained widespread recognition during their stint on Bigg Boss. Despite facing challenges in their relationship prior to entering the reality show, their journey within the Bigg Boss house brought them closer, leading to a renewed commitment to each other. Rubina Dilaik emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss, showcasing resilience and understanding in overcoming their previous issues.

As fans eagerly await official confirmation, the news of Rubina Dilaik’s rumored twin daughters continues to generate excitement and warm wishes from well-wishers.