Suzana Werner and Júlio César end their marriage after 21 years

Actress Suzana Werner announced the separation with the right to vent and controversial statements.

Image showing Suzana Werner and Júlio César end their marriage after 21 years

After a 21-year marriage, actress Suzana Werner and goalkeeper Júlio César have decided to go their separate ways. The couple, who shares two children, Cauet (18) and Giulia (21), confirmed their separation on Sunday. Suzana, taking to social media, revealed her plans to document the divorce process and her single life in what she calls a “Separated Future Diary.”

Expressing her focus on personal growth and self-reflection, Suzana mentioned, “I’m working hard, focusing on myself, focusing on my things. And I’ll tell you a little about my future separated diary. You have to take everything in stride. It must be nice to be alone. I’m starting to like it here; I no longer remember what it was like to live for myself. Everything has a good side in life.”

The decision to part ways followed a recent controversy involving a video Suzana recorded about betrayal, with speculation from internet users suggesting that this may have contributed to their separation. Notably, the couple had previously announced their divorce in May of this year, only to reconcile and resume their marriage. Now, however, it appears that the decision to end their long-standing union is final.