The Australian Pink Floyd Show announce 33-date autumn 2024 UK tour

In an exciting revelation for Pink Floyd enthusiasts, The Australian Pink Floyd Show has officially declared a sweeping 33-date UK tour set to captivate audiences with the timeless classics of Pink Floyd. Renowned for their astonishing audio-visual performances, the tribute band is gearing up to take fans on an unforgettable journey through Pink Floyd’s greatest hits.

Image showing The Australian Pink Floyd Show announce 33-date autumn 2024 UK tour

The much-anticipated tour commences at Birmingham Symphony Hall on October 11th, culminating in a grand finale at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 26th. Throughout the tour, fans in various locations, including Stoke, Cardiff, Glasgow, and more, will have the opportunity to experience the magic of Pink Floyd’s iconic repertoire.

Tickets for this musical extravaganza are slated to go on sale starting December 8th, 2023, and can be secured through Planet Rock Tickets. With a history dating back to their formation in 1988, The Australian Pink Floyd Show has not only sold over four million tickets across 35 countries but has also collaborated with former Pink Floyd members and sound engineers.

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