True Whitaker weeps bitterly in memory of late mother Keisha Nash

True Whitaker calls her late mom ‘funniest and most beautiful’

Image showing True Whitaker weeps bitterly in memory of late mother Keisha Nash

True Whitaker, the daughter of acclaimed actor Forest Whitaker, is grieving the loss of her mother, Keisha Nash, who passed away on Thursday. In a poignant Instagram post, the 25-year-old shared individual pictures of her late mother and penned a heartfelt homage, expressing her love and admiration.

Describing Keisha Nash as the “funniest, brightest, and most beautiful in the entire universe,” True poured out her emotions in a touching tribute. She affirmed her enduring love for her mother, acknowledging the profound impact Keisha had on her life.

True reminisced about the laughter and the unique essence her mother brought to the world. Despite the physical absence, True expressed a deep connection to Keisha, recognizing her as the most powerful angel guiding her through life.

The post on Instagram conveyed True’s deep sense of loss and the void left by her mother’s departure. She thanked Keisha for being herself and for everything she imparted to her daughter.

In a subsequent Instagram Story, True confirmed her mother’s passing with a poignant caption over a black-and-white photo of Keisha. The caption read, “goodbye mommy. I love you 4ever and beyond,” expressing an eternal love for the woman True hailed as “the most beautiful woman in the world.”

True’s message continued with gratitude for the lessons learned from her mother, emphasizing the enduring connection she feels, both in dreams and in her heart. A poignant touch was added as the post featured the lyrics to “A Song for You” by soul artist Donny Hathaway, playing over an image of Keisha Nash.

The heartfelt tribute shared by True Whitaker provides a glimpse into the deep love and profound loss experienced by the family as they navigate the difficult moments following Keisha Nash’s passing. The memories and influence of a remarkable woman will undoubtedly endure in their hearts.