Upset TMC Threatens Cong’s ‘Big Brother’ Status as State Polls Throw a Spanner in the Works for INDIA Bloc

Headline: TMC Criticizes Congress Over Poll Performance, Signals Shift in Opposition Dynamics

As the dust settles on the recent assembly poll results, wherein the BJP secured a 3-1 victory over Congress, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has launched a scathing attack on its ally, asserting that the Congress will no longer dictate terms in the opposition camp.

image showing Upset TMC Threatens Cong's 'Big Brother' Status as State Polls Throw a Spanner in the Works for INDIA Bloc.

Prominent within the INDIA alliance, the TMC has openly criticized Congress for its perceived failure in the recent polls. TMC General Secretary Kunal Ghosh attributed the BJP’s success in three states to the shortcomings of the Congress, stating, “These results would have no impact on the Lok Sabha elections because what happened in these states is Congress’s fault.” Ghosh called for Congress to reflect on its failures and shed its “zamindari attitude.”

An editorial in TMC’s mouthpiece, Jago Bangla, further lambasted Congress, urging the party to rectify its mistakes and shift its focus to the 2024 elections. The editorial highlighted Mamata Banerjee’s success in defeating the BJP and suggested seeking advice from those successful in countering the ruling party, emphasizing the importance of the INDIA alliance.

While the TMC remains hopeful for a strong showing in the 2024 polls, its criticism of Congress signals a shift in the dynamics of the opposition. The relationship between the two parties has been tumultuous, with tensions escalating after key members joined the TMC following the 2021 Bengal results. TMC insiders suggest that the party had reservations about Congress’s ability to combat the BJP, leading to key defections.

The formation of the INDIA bloc initially saw TMC standing in support of Congress, but sources indicate that the recent scrutiny of Congress’s performance may prompt a reassessment of its role within the alliance. The Congress had called an alliance meeting on December 6, but Mamata Banerjee is unlikely to attend due to prior commitments. The meeting is expected to address the Congress debacle and discuss its future role in the alliance.

Sources suggest that Congress was advised to declare seat divisions in states other than Bengal and Punjab before the elections, but the party ignored the advice. In response to TMC’s criticisms, the Congress in Bengal asserted its independence, rejecting any advice from TMC on political course correction.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Dilip Ghosh downplayed the alliance’s unity, claiming it was merely symbolic, and accused the opposition of blaming each other instead of presenting a formidable challenge.