Vadhuvu – Telugu web series on Disney Plus Hotstar


Avika Gor-starrer “Vadhuvu,” now available on Disney Plus Hotstar, is making waves in the streaming world. The Telugu web series, based on the Bengali show “Indu,” directed by Poluru Krishna, has garnered attention for its intriguing plot.

Image showing Vadhuvu – Telugu web series on Disney Plus Hotstar


The series revolves around Anjuri Indu (Avika Gor), whose life takes unexpected turns after her sister elopes with her fiance. The marriage with Anand (Nandu) is also not without its challenges, as mysterious characters attempt to disrupt the wedding. One of the standout aspects of “Vadhuvu” is the presence of enigmatic characters, keeping viewers invested in the unfolding mysteries.

Avika Gor delivers a stellar performance in an author-backed role, effectively portraying a character attempting to unravel the secrets around her. Ali Reza, who plays a significant role, seizes the opportunity and commands attention with his screen presence. Nandu’s portrayal adds depth to the narrative, hinting at a more prominent role in the anticipated second installment.

The background score by Sriram Maddury and cinematography by Ram K Mahesh contribute to creating a tense atmosphere, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The dark texture of the series, combined with decent performances from the supporting cast, adds to its appeal.

Areas for Improvement

While “Vadhuvu” boasts strong elements, the series is not without its flaws. The initial episodes suffer from poorly written dialogues, affecting the overall impact. Pacing issues are evident, with certain scenes feeling redundant, despite the relatively short runtime. The director’s attempt to maintain suspense throughout falls short of delivering significant “wow” moments.

The series concludes with multiple cliffhangers, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the second season. However, the decision to withhold crucial revelations in the first part may be frustrating for some viewers, impacting the overall satisfaction with the suspense thriller.

Technical Aspects

Sriram Maddury’s background score and Ram K Mahesh’s cinematography receive praise for setting the right mood for the suspense thriller. The production values are commendable, although more attention to dialogue and editing could have elevated the overall quality.

Director Poluru Krishna’s efforts are acknowledged, with interesting characterizations, but the slow pacing hinders the series from making a lasting impact. The climax is deemed unsatisfactory by some viewers.


“Vadhuvu” emerges as a passable show with a captivating cast and mysterious characters. Avika Gor and Ali Reza’s performances stand out, offering a few intriguing moments. However, the series falls short of achieving its potential as a suspense thriller due to pacing issues, repetitive scenes, and a lack of significant revelations in the first part. Despite its flaws, “Vadhuvu” may still be worth a try for viewers who can overlook these shortcomings.