Vanessa Hudgens Wore Vera Wang to Marry Cole Tucker in the Heart of the Mayan Jungle

In a romantic and enchanting ceremony over the weekend, actress and entrepreneur Vanessa Hudgens exchanged vows with professional baseball player Cole Tucker in the heart of the Mayan jungle in Tulum, Mexico. The couple, who met during a Zoom meditation led by former monk turned British author and lifestyle guru Jay Shetty in October 2020, celebrated their three-year relationship culminating in a magical wedding at the Azulik City of Arts.

Image showing Vanessa Hudgens Wore Vera Wang to Marry Cole Tucker in the Heart of the Mayan Jungle

The engagement, which took place in February 2023 by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, saw Cole propose with an oval-shaped diamond on a thin gold band, exceeding Vanessa’s expectations. The wedding date was set for December 2, 2023, and the couple chose the Azulik Hotel in Tulum for its lush greenery and nature-filled surroundings.

Vanessa, known for her roles in the Bad Boys franchise, embarked on a venue tour despite a busy schedule. After an exhaustive exploration into the Mayan jungle, she stumbled upon the Azulik museum, a whimsical and magical location that captured her heart. Pia Lindstrom, the wedding planner recommended by a friend, was enlisted to ensure a seamless and memorable event.

For her wedding attire, Vanessa selected a sleek, modern, and sexy Vera Wang gown—a light ivory chartreuse bias-cut cowl-neck slip dress with a plunging back. The veil, adorned with custom embroidery reading “Mrs. T December 2nd, 2023” in a gothic font, added a personalized touch to her ensemble. Vera Wang, a close friend of Vanessa, played a pivotal role in creating the perfect wedding look.

The outdoor ceremony, officiated by Jay Shetty, featured the couple’s heartfelt vows in front of approximately 100 friends and family. Vanessa advised against first looks, cherishing the emotional moment of seeing Cole at the altar for the first time. Following the ceremony, post-portrait touch-ups were necessary as tears of joy had affected Vanessa’s makeup.

Image showing the bride with bridemaids

The celebration continued with cocktails for guests while the newlyweds posed for photos. Dinner was set in an ethereal location among trees adorned with hanging flower bouquets. Vanessa opted to stay in her wedding dress longer, expressing her desire to fully embrace the special garment. A reception dress, another creation by Vera Wang, was donned for the later part of the night.

The festivities included speeches, a live band, and a special performance by the bride and groom. The night concluded with a DJ, playing hits from Nelly to Eminem, ensuring a lively dance floor. Late-night snacks, including grilled cheese and pizza, were served before wrapping up the celebration by 11 p.m.

Reflecting on the magical weekend, Vanessa expressed immense gratitude for the private and phone-free wedding, emphasizing the joy of witnessing friends and family forming genuine connections. The emotional high of the ceremony surpassed her expectations, leaving her teary-eyed as she spoke about the unforgettable celebration of love and unity.