Vin Diesel rubbishes former assistant’s sexual battery allegations

In response to the recent sexual battery allegations made by his former assistant, Vin Diesel has categorically denied the accusations through his attorney. The lawsuit was filed by Asta Jonasson in a Los Angeles court, claiming that the actor had “forced himself” on her in a hotel room in Atlanta back in 2010 while filming “Fast 5.”

Image showing Vin Diesel rubbishes former assistant's sexual battery allegations

According to the legal documents, Jonasson, who was employed by production company One Race Films as an assistant, alleged that the incident took place in Vin Diesel’s suite, where he was reportedly “entertaining several women” at the time.

Vin Diesel’s attorney, Byran Freedman, responded to the allegations by stating that this is the first time the actor has heard about the more than 13-year-old claim made by a purportedly nine-day employee. Freedman added that they possess clear evidence refuting Jonasson’s “outlandish allegations.”

The assistant’s accusations surfaced shortly after Vin Diesel’s sister, who also serves as the president of One Race, terminated her employment, citing that they no longer required her assistance.

Jonasson further mentioned that she believes she was dismissed because she resisted Vin Diesel during the alleged assault. She clarified that her silence until now was influenced by the actor’s perceived power in Hollywood.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Vin Diesel remains steadfast in refuting the claims, emphasizing the lack of prior knowledge of the allegations and presenting evidence to counter the accusations made by his former assistant.