Why America Ferrera Was Compelled to Play a Trump-Voting White Woman in ‘Dumb Money’: ‘I Was Being Considered for a Role That’s Not Latina’

In a recent episode of Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast, Emmy winner America Ferrera delved into her transformative year, featuring standout performances in “Barbie” and “Dumb Money.” Ferrera, known for her iconic role in “Ugly Betty,” discussed her experiences navigating Hollywood and provided a glimpse into her highly anticipated directorial feature debut.

Image showing Why America Ferrera Was ‘Compelled’ to Play a Trump-Voting White Woman in ‘Dumb Money’: ‘I Was Being Considered for a Role That’s Not Latina’

Directed by Greta Gerwig, “Barbie” sees Ferrera portraying Gloria, a Mattel employee who imparts life lessons to the titular character, played by Margot Robbie. Ferrera shared her profound connection to Gloria’s impactful speech, highlighting the challenges faced when historically not meant to be in certain spaces.

In “Dumb Money,” based on Ben Mezrich’s book “The Antisocial Network,” Ferrera takes on a role unlike any she’s played before – Jenny, a white woman from Pennsylvania who voted for Donald Trump twice. Ferrera expressed her fascination with the character, emphasizing the unexpected nature of being considered for a role not originally written as Latina. She delves into the character’s motivations, driven by a sense of ideology rather than financial gain.

Ferrera’s rise to fame began with the 2002 film “Real Women Have Curves,” leading to her groundbreaking role in “Ugly Betty,” where she made history as the first and only Latina to win the lead comedy actress award at the Emmys. She drops hints about the potential for an “Ugly Betty” reboot and expresses excitement about her directorial feature debut, “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter,” scheduled to shoot in 2024.

In addition to Ferrera’s insights, the podcast features Jack Black discussing his role as the voice of Bowser in “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and his involvement in the Oscar race with the original song “Peaches.”

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