Why is Suzanne Somers buried wearing Timberland boots?

In a poignant turn of events, the iconic star of ‘Three’s Company,’ Suzanne Somers, who passed away on October 15 due to breast cancer, is remembered not only for her contributions to the entertainment world but also for a unique and heartfelt choice in her final resting attire – Timberland boots.

Image showing Why is Suzanne Somers buried wearing Timberland boots

Suzanne’s husband, Alan Hamel, revealed the touching reason behind the unconventional choice. Acknowledging Suzanne’s lack of hiking-appropriate boots, Alan took it upon himself to order Timberland boots, adding personal inscriptions to create a deeply meaningful tribute to his beloved wife.

Despite Suzanne’s well-known affinity for high-end footwear, particularly Manolo Blahnik, Alan decided on Timberland boots to depart from the expected and infuse a personal touch into Suzanne’s farewell. The choice goes beyond mere aesthetics, representing a symbolic connection to the couple’s shared love for hiking.

Recalling their remarkable 50-year life together, Alan fondly reminisced about their cherished routine of morning hikes to mountain peaks. The couple would indulge in lunch on a flat rock by a creek, followed by a nap, before descending to continue with their day. This routine, now immortalized, serves as a poignant symbol of their enduring bond.

The decision to incorporate Timberland boots into Suzanne’s final attire is a testament to the couple’s shared love for hiking and adds a layer of sentimentality to her farewell. It reflects a thoughtful and personalized choice, capturing the essence of their life together.

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