David Warner lost his ‘Baggy Green’ before his goodbye Test. His plea for its return is going viral

David Warner Appeals for Return of Baggy Green Lost in Sydney

David Warner sent a sincere message and asked for the safe return of his special cricket cap.

Image Showing David Warner lost his 'Baggy Green' before his goodbye Test. His plea for its return is going viral.

Australian cricketer David Warner recently lost his Baggy Green (Test cap) while traveling on the day before his farewell Test in Sydney. He took to social media to share a heartfelt message, asking for the safe return of his special cricket cap. In an Instagram video, Warner made a final plea, explaining that his Baggy Green was taken from his backpack. The 37-year-old had returned to his hometown, Sydney, after Australia’s victory over Pakistan in the Boxing Day Test last week.

Warner shared that his backpack, containing the Baggy Green, was placed inside a bigger bag. This larger bag, along with the team’s other luggage, was flown from Melbourne to Sydney on a Qantas flight on December 31.

On his Instagram video, Warner said, “My Baggy Green was inside this backpack. It’s essential to me, and I’d love to have it for my upcoming game. If you were after the backpack, I have an extra one. You won’t get in trouble. Just contact Cricket Australia or me through social media. I will give you the spare one if you return my Baggy Green.”

Warner asked the public for help in locating his Baggy Green, assuring that there would be no consequences for the person who returned it. The experienced opener even offered to give a spare backpack to the individual.

Warner mentioned that he contacted the airlines and the hotel staff, but the CCTV footage did not show anyone opening his backpack.

“We checked the CCTV footage, and there are some areas that are not covered. We also spoke to the Quay West Hotel, and we trust them. They reviewed their cameras, and no one entered our rooms,” he added.

On Tuesday, Australia decided not to include a second spinner in the final Test against Pakistan at the Sydney Cricket Ground. They announced an unchanged lineup for Warner’s farewell match.

Captain Pat Cummins confirmed that Australia’s trio of fast bowlers had fully recovered from the second Test in Melbourne just four days ago. This comes after securing a tense 79-run victory and winning the three-match series.

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is known for favoring spin, but the host team decided not to add a second spinner alongside Nathan Lyon, as per Cummins.

The pitch appeared to have a good amount of grass on the day before Pakistan’s last match of their tour to Australia. This match is also significant as it marks opener Warner’s 112th and final Test.

Cummins mentioned, “The weather looks pretty good this week, and that’s not always the case in Sydney,” looking ahead to the Test starting on Wednesday.