PTI Chairman Raises Concerns Over Transparency Ahead of Elections

Barrister Gohar Ali Khan Calls for Election Commission’s Intervention

In a press briefing on Monday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan voiced his worries about a lack of transparency in the lead-up to the upcoming polls. He expressed dissatisfaction with the obstacles faced by PTI aspirants and urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to address the issue promptly.

Barrister Khan highlighted the unprecedented challenges the party is facing, emphasizing that it is the ECP’s primary responsibility to ensure the elections are free and fair. He criticized the ECP for not fulfilling its obligations and called for the Supreme Court to take suo motu notice to prevent violations of constitutional rights.

The PTI Chairman expressed concern about alleged threats to the party following the Peshawar High Court’s verdict on the election symbol. While acknowledging the prompt implementation of the Toshakhana case verdict, he lamented the delay in the case of the electoral symbol.

Barrister Khan revealed that 500 nomination papers were rejected in Lahore, with 380 belonging to PTI aspirants. He mentioned that the PTI has devised Plan B and C but emphasized that the constitutional route to the election remains the ideal solution.

Despite the challenges, Barrister Khan affirmed that the elections would proceed as scheduled on Feb 8. He expressed optimism about the polling taking place as planned, even in the face of rejected papers. The PTI Chairman clarified that the party would not boycott the election, emphasizing unity with the army and a commitment to free and fair elections, as outlined by the party’s founder.